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How can being committed to alternative marketing network strengthen rural as well as small scale food entrepreneurs? Are entrepreneurs driven by the need for self-fulfillment? How crucial is a highly educated population to budding entrepreneurs?

Bachelor Theses

How does crowd sourcing function? Is there a linkage between entrepreneurship and market orientation? What are the theoretical models for global entrepreneurship? What is the new context on entrepreneurial opportunity development? What are the factors influencing new venture growth? Who are the drivers and inhibitors of entrepreneurial growth?

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Bachelor Thesis. Organization & Strategy. The concept of corporate entrepreneurship and its effect on SMEs' innovativeness. Academic year: This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of how to create an environment inside the organization that fulfills the demands of corporate entrepreneurship by.

What are influential factors on individuals to become entrepreneurs? Is business ownership an effective solution to unemployment? What are the motivational factors for mothers to start their own businesses? What is high technology entrepreneurship? Is there a growing expertise in family business and global entrepreneurship?

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  • Prof. Dr. Sascha Walter - Chair of Entrepreneurship and Strategy.

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Organizational factors, organizational culture, job satisfaction and entrepreneurial orientation in public administration. The European Journal of Applied Economics, 13 1 , Kasturiratne, D.

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The research question will be answered with the help of a theoretical approach and the results from expert inter- views. But as mentioned above, SE is more complex and crosses organizational boundaries in order to achieve its goals. Addis Ababa University. Thus, the first pathway to achieve this is by the corporate venturing. It has a long history of successful entrepreneurs and startups that have become examples and role models for our students and professors alike.

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Corporate entrepreneurship and innovation

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