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And there is good reason to be suspicious of Cohen, who has, after all, acknowledged lying repeatedly.

A buzzfeed quiz told me Stanford was my T20 school is this a good sign?

Second, the story also suggests much deeper involvement by Trump and his family in the Trump Tower Moscow deal than was previously public. And where the sentencing memo indicated that Trump had at least some knowledge of a potential plan to meet with Putin in New York in , BuzzFeed News reports that Trump personally directed Cohen to arrange a trip to Moscow during the campaign.

This may be the trip referenced in the criminal information, which Cohen planned in connection with Felix Sater for the summer of —well after Trump had clinched the Republican nomination. Before now, however, it was not clear that Trump had any personal involvement in or knowledge of that planning.


Chinese censorship is no longer just a China problem. Our nation who claims capitalism isn't really that capitalist society, education is kinda communist, low and misleading to a national sentiment rather a more capitalistic one that teaches credit responsibility, how to make money when you don't have a job, why experience is important, etc Your essay should cause you to stand out as a candidate for admission, not as candidate for the application wall of shame. One key question over the next few days will be whether any other news organization can confirm this story. Close Back to Article.

The significance here is not just that the president reportedly directed Cohen to commit a crime in lying to Congress. Finally, third, the leak itself is independently a big deal.

It is thus going to give rise to allegations about Mueller leaking, opening up a new front in the confrontation between the special counsel and the president. In a lengthy article about how to read the source attributions in stories about the Russia investigation, one of us Wittes gave the following guidance :. When reading a reporter trusted to disclose as much as she can, the key phrases to look for to flag actual investigative leaks are ones that specifically designate origins in the investigation itself.

Stories not sourced to law enforcement, by contrast, should not be presumed to have come from law enforcement. Cormier and Leopold have a track record of actually being sourced in law enforcement. So take it seriously when they tell you this is an actual law enforcement leak. In this story, the attribution is intentionally fuzzy, and the wording, careful. It is almost as though Cormier and Leopold are flagging that their sources are involved in a different investigation, through which they collaterally have insight into what Cohen is telling Mueller.

One key question over the next few days will be whether any other news organization can confirm this story.

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Cormier and Leopold have been reliable contributors on the Russia investigation, but a story reported by one team is a different animal than a story broken by one team and then confirmed and advanced by other news organizations. The story will be easier for the president and for Congress to ignore if BuzzFeed News remains out on its own on a limb for a protracted period of time than it will if the New York Times and the Washington Post and the major news networks independently confirm this reporting.

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