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Acknowledging Things of Darkness: Postcolonial Criticism of The Tempest

Although this does not seem old today, it was considered fairly old in the Jacobean period, and Shakespeare faced competition from younger playwrights. Some may argue that Friel has included such characters as the Donnelly twins and Doalty to show that violence is the best way to fight against colonisation. On the other hand, it could be argued that Friel in fact shows violence to be a negative way to respond, as it simply leads to more and more violence, such as the actions of Lancey in the play and by the IRA today. Another interpretation of these plays can be that they are allegories about the effects of colonialism.

Prospero is shown to control Caliban through threats of physical pain and suffering, such as,. Prospero also controls Ariel, though it is done in a less violent way than that used to control Caliban.

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Instead, Prospero promises Ariel his freedom in return for his services, such as when he states,. This includes the poetic language spoken in Act 3, Scene 2, where Caliban states,. Also, both characters are treated like slaves, Caliban by Prospero and Stephano, and Manus by his father, Hugh. Owen and Caliban could even be compared to one another, as their situations with the colonisers are similar. They both complied with the colonisers at first, but later regretted this when they realised that the colonisers were taking over unfairly.

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In fact, Act 2 Scene 2 is very effective in showing the differences between Maire and Yolland, as Friel has juxtaposed their cultures in order to highlight the difficulty they experience in communicating with each other. This speech shows how not only do they speak different languages, but the two also want different things.

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For instance, the way they express their love for one another varies. Whereas Maire speaks of the physical aspects she finds attractive, Yolland is more passionate. First it reminds the audience of the difference between Ariel and Prospero. One is a human, and one is a spirit.

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The Tempest by William Shakespeare. This section contains examples of essay style questions for the Tempest by William Shakespeare. Here is an example of a complete essay written on the subject of The Tempest. ' The Tempest has been seen amongst other things as a statement by.

It also reveals Ariel's knowledge of Prospero's character. The spirit knows that deep down Prospero is a kind-hearted man who does not really wish to harm others. He knows that Prospero's intent on revenge would change were he to see the effects of his plan on the men.

Finally Ariel's statement raises a question: What makes a human a human? If Ariel, who is not a human, can feel such deep tenderness toward suffering humans, shouldn't humans feel even more compassion toward one another?

Essay on Importance of Setting in Shakespeare's The Tempest

Prompted by Ariel's soft heart Prospero feels a tenderness toward the despair of the king and his men. He recognizes his own painful experiences in theirs and says, "Go, release them, Ariel. He releases his role as orchestrator of an elaborate—and at times, cruel—revenge plot, and relinquishes his power. His ability to learn from Ariel, the representation of the highest human virtue, enables him to soften toward the humanity in those who betrayed him. Although the audience knows that Alonso did play a part in taking Prospero's dukedom from him, there is clearly no real evil in Alonso.

As soon as he sees Prospero he recalls his own guilt and begs that Prospero "pardon me my wrongs. Alonso then explains his own grief to Prospero as one friend might share with another, and he commiserates with Prospero about the loss of his daughter. When the lovers are revealed Alonso is quick to accept their engagement and says that he is a second father to Miranda.

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All these reactions of Alonso reveal that although he is a flawed human being, he is honorable, honest, and loving. Why doesn't Shakespeare have Antonio show any repentance in The Tempest?

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With Antonio's usurpation of Prospero's dukedom as the backdrop to the whole story, the audience might expect Antonio to be filled with guilt and repentance when he finds out that Prospero still lives. Instead he says nothing to his long-lost brother. On the other hand Prospero, who has manipulated the entire tempest around getting revenge on his brother, has no more intention of punishing the crime. He takes back his dukedom, but he forgives his brother even though Antonio does not ask for forgiveness. Just as Caliban recognizes that Prospero is a better master, perhaps Shakespeare wanted the audience to recognize that Prospero, who is merciful, will be a far better duke of Milan than the unfeeling, ambitious Antonio could ever be.

Another reason could be to point out that while Prospero is powerful and all of his plans come to fruition at the end of the play, no amount of magic or power is ultimately able to control another human being's true nature. On Prospero's island magic can only reveal who a person really is. How is Gonzalo different from the other members of the king's party in the final scene of Shakespeare's The Tempest? Unlike all the other members of the king's party, Gonzalo has nothing to confess or to be forgiven for.

Caliban warns Stefano that he must possess what before killing Prospero?

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He is the very man who helped Prospero escape with his books and other provisions 12 years before. And even as an advisor to King Alonso, Gonzalo has done nothing to earn judgment from Prospero. He is a good and honorable man who does not have to change because he has remained consistent. What does Prospero's mantle symbolize? Why does he lay his mantle aside when he begins to relate to Miranda the circumstances of their previous lives?

What does Prospero say regarding his love of study and of books? What is the dramatic purpose of the quarrel between Prospero and Ariel?

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Who is Sycorax? Who is Claribel?

What dramatic purpose is attained by the references to Claribel?