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Organization as an Author: If the author is an organization or a government agency, mention the organization in the signal phrase or in the parenthetical citation the first time you cite the source. If the organization has a well-known abbreviation, include the abbreviation in brackets the first time the source is cited and then use only the abbreviation in later citations. Two or More Works in the Same Parentheses: When your parenthetical citation includes two or more works, order them the same way they appear in the reference list, separated by a semi-colon.

Two or More Works by the Same Author in the Same Year: If you have two sources by the same author in the same year, use lower-case letters a, b, c with the year to order the entries in the reference list. Use the lower-case letters with the year in the in-text citation. Personal Communication: For interviews, letters, e-mails, and other person-to-person communication, cite the communicator's name, the fact that it was personal communication, and the date of the communication. Do not include personal communication in the reference list.

If you use a source that was cited in another source, name the original source in your signal phrase.

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List the secondary source in your reference list and include the secondary source in the parentheses. Note: When citing material in parentheses, set off the citation with a comma, as above. When an electronic source lacks page numbers, you should try to include information that will help readers find the passage being cited. If the paragraphs are not numbered and the document includes headings, provide the appropriate heading and specify the paragraph under that heading. Note that in some electronic sources, like Web pages, people can use the Find function in their browser to locate any passages you cite.

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Beins Call Number: BF B Beins; Bernard C. M54 To demonstrate you have considered others' research. To direct readers to additional information. To establish credibility as a careful researcher.

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To show professional honesty and courtesy. In-text references How you cite a working within your document varies depending on your writing style, whether you are quoting your source directly, and the type of source you are quoting. Here are some examples of in-text citations: Short quotations If you are directly quoting from a work, include the author, year of publication, and the page number for the reference preceded by "p.

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Cite a book automatically in APA. Cite book. Using citation machines responsibly the pages of the chapter or essay in parentheses after the book title, use "pp. Writers must correctly acknowledge the sources of borrowed words and ideas when writing research papers in order to avoid charges of.

Jones's study found the following: Students often had difficulty using APA style, especially when it was their first time citing sources. Citing an Author or Authors Two Authors: Name both authors in the signal phrase or in the parentheses each time you cite the work.

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I needed some help on my "citing skills" lol. Book title: Subtitle 3rd ed. Finally, you can also cite a single essay or chapter from an edited book using the following format: Author Name Year. Check with your supervisor to see which edition your paper needs to adhere to. Copy the title of the article or essay. This changes for an edited book with a single author , like an essay collection. Western Libraries Ask Us!

APA online tutorials Health Material. Missing details Princeton: College Board Press. Hobbiton: Shire Press In text citation Baggins, n.

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No Place of Publication Baggins, B. In text citation Baggins, Things to remember Authors' names : Authors' names should always be Surname, Initial.

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Multiple authors: The same rules apply as for books. Initial, e. Walker, S.

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We listened to all your feedback and redesigned the APA Citation Generator to make citing sources even easier. Let us know what you think via the feedback button on the right side of the screen. Happy citing! APA format is one of the most common formats for citing sources. This citation guide is based on the 6th edition APA Style.

An in-text citation is a concise way to show the reader where the original idea came from and to give credit to the original author. According to the APA citation guidelines, you should write down the last name of the author s and the year of publication.

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When quoting a source it is also required to include the page number s. This can be done in multiple ways:. When there are three or more authors, separate their last names using commas. When you copy an excerpt of a text from another source and place it between quotation marks, you are quoting.

When you quote sources , you are required to add the page number to the in-text citation. You can do this by citing multiples sources and separating them using semicolons.

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Full in-text citation guide. The APA reference page, included after the main text, contains the full reference of all sources cited in the text. The reference format differs depending on the source type e. The format also changes when information about a source is missing e.